Monday, November 7, 2011

Busy again

These past few months I have been working at Michaels as the scrapbook teacher/instructor.  Things got busy....I was scheduling 2 classes on Monday and 2 classes on Wednesdays for 2 hours each, then there were some other occassional classes on Thursdays with a crop once a month for 7 hours.  I didn't always teach, but I had to schedule the time to be available.  I would schedule the classes, create the sample, and create posters to advertise the classes.  It was getting to be more work and less fun.  As a retired teacher, I only wanted a little teaching with a couple of dollars pay.  In addition, my arthritis was acting up and the fibromylagia was getting worse.   Pain was with me quite often during the class times, so I backed off.  I will teach some SDU classes and help every once in a while, but and still keep active. 

I had some groups working on making Christmas cards for our service personnel with Operation Christmas Cards.  Some friends and sisters from Eastern Star worked on making Christmas cards for the past 2 months.  I took them into the store manager at Michaels today.  We made 639 Christmas cards.  I thank each of the ladies who helped make these cards.  They did a fabulous job!