Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to work

I took Christina back to her work today, stopped at Joanne's to see what was on sale (papers), and then came home. I spent the afternoon doing some cleaning downstairs, and trying to straighten things up. I did make some progress and hope to do more tomorrow, after I get my hair cut. I have to take pictures.....I keep telling myself that and sooner or later I will remember them. Oh, it feels good to see some of my room getting organized. If only I can keep it up.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quiet time

Today I had a quiet, relaxing day. Christina was awake until after 3 a.m., and got up at 8, so there wasn't a lot of sleep in our house. Mom is still under the weather, so Christina and I went downstairs to the scrap area, and she cut papers and glued them on each other, while I cleaned up the area somewhat.
Around 12:30, Sandy and Chrissy arrived with goodies for the CTMH party. Shortly after that, Kathy Miller arrived, our demonstrator. We had a good time, and Sandy as the hostess, got some really great goodies! Our next party will be Sept 12, and Chrissy will host it, in my basement.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer Fun is Almost Gone

I am not sure where the summer has gone, but boy, it is almost gone. School starts in a couple of weeks, and with that, my last first day of school. (Hooray!) As my friend Sandy says, this will be a year of lasts....last open house, back to school night, winter break (Christmas vacation), etc. Sometime between now and January, I will decide if my last day of school is March 1 or June 30. I am definitely retiring.

What have I done this summer? So many things...vacation in Canada...Montreal area, my niece came to visit my mom, my granddaughters came to visit me, I fell on vacation and broke my elbow. I have gone to CKC in Valley Forge, Pa and will be going to Scrapbook Expo in Somerset, NJ the end of August. I have taught a couple of classes, and have many pictures to upload with cards and things I created.

I have been doing a lot of surfing the internet and found some great places to visit. One place you may want to visit is . They have so many of the newest, greatest and best things available. Not only can you find stamps, but all kinds of other things you might need.

If you check out, you can find all kinds of ideas, challenges, and things to start you brain creating things. There are so many ideas as well as tutorials and challenges, you don't know where to begin. Check out their blog. It is fantastic!

I will be adding more information shortly. I need to take my granddaughters to the airport, then pick up my daughter, Christina.