Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We had several days of hot weather, then there were a few with cooler temperatures.  They say the heat is coming back again.  I have to go into the hospital for a couple of days, but I will be back before long.  Since I will have a 6 week or longer recovery period, I hope to produce several new items for your viewing pleasure.

This is a card I created for a friend of mine.   I think she really liked it.

Here is a card I made for my husband.  

Finally, here is a layout I created on canvas.  It was done for a contest at a Quick Quotes Private Reserve weekend.  I won first place for it.  

Until later.....bye

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hot! Hot! Hot!

It has been really hot here these past few days.  They are saying it should feel like 105 tomorrow.  I think I am going to stay indoors, downstairs in my basement.  It is much cooler there.  (Also, it is time for our crop.)  Tomorrow I will have some digital pictures from the new contest at Outlawz

Since I don't have them today, I thought I would share some items I made with my granddaughter Christina.  (While she was married in April 2011, that was a civil ceremony, not a church wedding.  Christina was going to have a church wedding on May 9 2012.  She would come over for the day and  bring our great granddaughter, Renee with  her.  Here is a picture our that cutie.  Renee just turned 2 in June.)

Here is a picture our that cutie. Renee just turned 2 in June.)

Christina worked real hard on these coasters.  She made sure there would be one for each guest.  They were ceramic tiles, with cardstock paper.  We had printed on each square, the Cricut machine wrote Christina and Jeremy Routhier and the dates of the weddings.  They really came out nice.  Also, I made a box for her that could hold her cards from the wedding.  I created each flower by hand and then glued them onto the box.  Inside I covered the entire lid with a bed of flowers.  On the outside there were 3 simple roses.  It came out nice. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Outlawz challenge

Last week I relocated a website for digital stamps.  It is called Outlawz and you can find it at http://outlawzchallenges.ning.com/  There are several challenges on the site...at least one every day and then there are other "special" types of contests.

Here are the cards that I created:

Here are cards created by my friends....

Cindy made these cards....

 and Kathy made these cards....

(As you can see I am having difficulties uploading some pictures.  Bear with me please.  Thanks.)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back in the Saddle again~

I finally have some things I can post.   I have started entering some card contests, so I am making cards again.  I am hosting a weekend getaway at my house, so I have some pictures of classes I will be teaching.  Finally, I have been taking some painting classes.  While I definitely am NOT an artist, I do like painting.  I will let you be the judge of my paintings.  
Here are the first ones....
This still needs some work.  It has leaves with flowers, trees in a forest and a dirt road running through it.

Here is a sun flower with a butterfly.  

This shows the fields near a bridge and the lake.  

More to come later.