Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where has the summer gone?

We are almost finished with the month of August!  Kids and teachers are getting ready to go back to school, and I sit here clapping my hands, because I do not have to go back to school.  It is so nice being retired.

I have some more cards for you today and I thought I would update you on what I have been doing.  First the cards...

This is a mandela card.  I stamped and cut out 4 different layers, then built them up with pop dots in between.  I like how this card turned out.

This card was made with a digital stamp.  I kind of like how it turned out.  Using digital stamps is different, but has advantages.  Of course, my problem is I download all these free digital stamps, then when I got to scrap, the computer is upstairs and I am downstairs.   I need to coordinate it better.
I made this with a stamp from Heartfelt Creations.  You can't see the glitter in the background, but it is sparkling!  I really like this card.

Now...as an FYI, I am still "substitute" teaching classes at Michaels.  My friend, Kim, is the teacher, but when she has a daytime class or is sick, I try to fill in for her.  Things are going slow.  We have several boards that we have completed, showing the finished product for several classes.  Unfortunately, only one can be posted in the front of the store at a time.  There is no other way for us to showcase our classes to the public, since corporate office wants all stores to be uniform.  We can demo in the store 2 hours a month, so that doesn't leave a lot of time.  Once a quarter there is a big open house for all the different instructors to showcase their work.  That is about the limit of what we can do.  It would be nice if things would turn around and we could get more people to take classes.  

Oh Well.  Life goes one and we get a little bit older each day.  Until the next time......

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cards from the past.

 I am still in recovery mode from my surgery.  I am not allowed to lift more than 2 pounds, pull, push, carry, etc anything.  Walking is up to how I feel, but I have to take things slowly.  I can go up and down stairs a couple of times a day, but that is about it.  No driving.
I am hoping to go downstairs tomorrow to make a few new cards and I have some things ready to cut in my Cricut.    
         Today I thought I would share some of my older cards with you.  I have made several that I have used in card swaps or sent to friends and family.  Usually I try to make duplicates of each card I have.  

This card us cut entirely with the Cricut.  The rose is fairly detailed and the wording on it is simple....but it makes a great note card.

 This next card is one of my mushroom cards.  I love this set.  Each stamp has a mushroom shaped house with a theme assigned to it.  There is also a verse or saying with each card.  I love it.
  The next card is a lattice card.  I used the astericks and built up a wall.  Then on each end I added letters to spell Thanks.  Very simple and plain.

Here is one of my favorites.  I stamped grass in a couple different shades and then stamped some butterflies.   These I popped up.  I used a fancy lace around the card front and place the whole thing onto a card.  All that is needed is a note.  

These are some of my favorites.  Of course I have more.  Until next time....