Thursday, November 11, 2010

More baby book pages

As promised, I have more pictures of baby book pages.  Now, I could make these much fancier and add more embellishments, but I know for my great-granddaughter, her mother scraps, so when she adds the pictures, she can journal and add more embellishments.

Renee is a jewel in Mommy's eye. She is definitely Daddy's queen. (Most would say she is his princess, but no, she is his queen. He truly worships Renee.)

A look at individual body parts...eyes,nose, mouth, feet, hands, etc.

These pages are for pictures of Renee playing.


Night-night. Here will be sleeping pictures. Ah...a baby looks so sweet and peaceful when sleeping.

Ok.  Those are the pictures for tonight.  Tomorrow I will add the last few pictures of Renee's book.  After that I plan to post a Christmas hanging that is a class I will be teaching this weekend.  It is really cute.  Thanks for looking, Please leave a post to let me know your thoughts on the book.  Until tomorrow...bye.

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