Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hello everyone out there is cyber land.  How are things in your part of the world today?  Here in NJ, USA, the weather is still warm during the days, but evenings are getting colder.  Summer is on its way out, and autumn weather is gradually coming in.  I like this time of year, when it is still warm enough you don't need a sweater or coat, but it is cool enough that you are very comfortable.
This is my card that I am sharing with you today.  It focuses on school starting, and how family members work with each other.  When as a child I went to do my homework or school projects, Mom would help me pull it together, with suggestions.
In this card, the girl has been working on a science project, Mom has been helping.  It is a thank you card, for Mom.  Without her, the project would be a little harder.

I combined two different digital stamps from Handmade Harbour.  First was the mom, which is actually a birthday stamp, #205, birthdays are good for you and #112 the girl at the potting bench.  I used only the woman from the first stamp set, and then added the girl at the potting bench and colored them all with Copic pens.
If you want to try some digital stamps, check out Handmade Harbour!  There are several stamps that will tickle your fancy, and the prices are reasonable.  

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