Monday, September 23, 2013

Soon it will be Halloween.

Spring is officially here!!! The leaves are starting to change color, and in the evening there is a nip in the air.  Before long we will be seeing frost on the ground.  Right around the corner is Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas!

Here is a card for Halloween that I made.  I will probably send it to one of my grandchildren...or maybe one of the great-grand-kids.  

I love how this turned out.  I combined 2 digital stamps from Handmade Harbour, number 209 witches cook diner for vegetarian and 211 potion shelf.  The caption says, "There are vegetarians coming over so its eye of newt substitute."

It was fairly simple to place both stamps together where I wanted them to go.  I decided to wrap text in front of or in back of the picture.  Once I got the pictures lined up where I liked them I printed it out and colored the pictures with copic markers, mounted the picture on cardstock, added the quote that I had mounted on a punched edge piece of cardstock, added 3 purple buttons in the corner and then put a spiderweb ribbon on the card.  I hope you like it.

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