Saturday, June 14, 2014

Love is in the Air....

Thank you for joining us on My Cricut Craft Room's Wedding Crafts Blog Hop.  If you arrived here from Trish's blog, you are in the correct location.  Here is the line up for everyone who is participating.

Thank you for joining us on My Cricut Craft Room Blog Hop.  Today I made a wedding reception card holder box to share with you.  June is the time when many guys and gals are thinking about weddings.  All the preparation leading up to that special day, when you join hands and take your vows.  Friends and family come to share your special day with you.

 Many a bride gets help from her bridesmaids and family, choosing and sometimes creating those perfect gifts and trinkets that help to make your wedding.

My granddaughter, Jennifer, married her favorite guy Joe.  A lot of the decorating was done by family to help save some money.  I had been making flowers for cards, and Jen asked if would make a box for her to hold the wedding cards that they might receive at the wedding reception.   I got to work, cutting flower shapes on the Cricut. (It was a lot easier than cutting each one out individually.)  This is what I came up with.

I took a mache box, and painted it with a cream and peach paint. After that I covered it with a crackle paint and it really added to the overall box.  

 For most of the flowers I used a white pearlessence paper, with a few other pastel colors with a small dab of glitter in the center.   After making many flowers, large, small and medium sized, I started with the top of the box.  I used three roses and added some green swirls and leaves.  I only wanted a few for the top of the box.  

I had been making tons of flower roses, large and small and medium in size. This is what the inside lid looked like when I added all those flowers.   

and a closer look....

I used a white rose ribbon around the bottom of the box, and I took a white ribbon, made tails and added a ribbon rose.  

On the tails I used silver alphabet stickers to spell "Jen n Joe Wedding Cards."

During the Wedding Reception, we placed this box, open on the table with the seating arrangements.  As people picked up their table arrangement, they were able to place their cards in the box.

 Thank you for joining us today.  Next I hope you will visit April Nourse's  Blog, Curls and Grins, and see what she made to share with you.  

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Golden Goddess Designs said...

great box! I wish I had time to make my own, I bought one...but I made almost everything else for my wedding...I just ran out of time. I hope it all goes well! very pretty flowers!

Softail_Baby81 said...

What a Pretty box!!!

Softail_Baby81 said...

What a Pretty box!!!

Pam said...

What a wonderful project. I love all the flowers that you made. I'm sure the bride and groom loved it.

Donna Marie Middleton said...

Stunning xxx