Monday, April 6, 2009

AC Bailey

I recently joined 'AC Bailey as a consultant. When the company, I Remember When, closed its doors, it was a shock. Monday morning I was a senior consultant with the company, having been with them for over 5 years. Monday afternoon, at 4 pm, I got an email from head quarters, saying that as of 4 pm the company was dissolved. Just like that! No one seemed to see this coming. We had started planning for a big convention, a new catalog was launched, and we had just revamped the web store, new web pages, new heirachy of leadership.

After looking at a couple of different places, I decided to sign with AC Bailey. I like their products, they have a great forum, and everyone seems friendly.

If you should decide to check the company out, maybe even order something, put my name, ConnieWalsh in the spot for the consultant.

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