Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What a month!

April has flown by and things have been hopping here at my house. I need a break! Calgon, take me away!

I brought Christina home for Easter. During that time, she was fantastic. She was able to stay with us from Thursday evening until Tuesday morning. When I took her back to work, she did not want to be there. She wanted to go back home with Mommy. She cried and cried. It broke my heart and I was tempted to just bring her home...but I know that isn't possible nor is it what she needs.

Good Friday morning, Dave decided that he needed to see the eye doctor. He has been having floaters for over a week. Of course he didn't call earlier in the week, when it would have been more convenient to take him to the doctor. He made the call and was told to come in at 2:00. We were going to take Christina out for lunch, so we decided to combine both the trip to the eye doctor, then lunch. At the eye doctor's we were told that it appeared the cornea was partially detached. The doctor called a colleague, then told us to drive immediately to that office and "Do not stop anywhere, even at a Waa-Waa." Scary words. We went and the nurse was watiing for us.

Dave saw the doctor and he told us we had a choice of 3 options and 2 included overnight stays in Wills Eye Hospital. The 3rd option was to have a relatively new procedure done in the office. We chose the new procedure. They operated immediately and Dave was then told to keep his head tilted or laid on it's side 24/7. That was tough! Dave was good, though and spent days in bed, laying on his left side. We had to go to Will's Eye hospital Saturday morning for a check up. Things looked good. Friday we went back for another appointment, and things still looked good. Finally all Dave needed to do was sleep on his left side in the evenings. We go back in 3 weeks.

Now that we took care of that, I had to finish my mom's taxes and I had to make sure the books for Eastern Star were ready for an audit. Got both things taken care of and then it was time to go back to school and to begin our state testing. The kids are trying and have extended time.

That brings us up to current. Now to move onward.

I have registered for Creating Keepsakes Convention. That is the end of July. My friends, who are going with me, have registered too.

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