Saturday, April 4, 2009


I finally got all the inches finished that I needed to do. I still have not been able to find where the missing inchies went, and maybe I never will. They seem to have have just disappeared from sight. If I can remember to take a picture, you will be able to see all the inchies. Everyone did a great job.

Spring break is almost here! Yay!!! I hope to get some organization done in the scrap area. Some things are being straighted up, slowly but surely. I have decided on a plan of action, so that is a start. Since I have been placing things in bags or boxes, I am going to sort things into different catagories. One box will be for stickers, one for rub-ons, one for other embellishments. I will put the brads and eyelets in a pan where they will be sorted. The same with any buttons. Other things I hope to be able to put where they belong.

Until later, I have to find some new things to create. Bye.

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