Monday, August 2, 2010

CKC in Valley Forge, Pennylvania

It was time for my annual trek to Valley Forge, to CKC (Creating Keepsakes Convention). My friend Sandy went with me and we had a wonderful time. It was tiring and these older bodies didn't like all the walking they didn't have to do, but we managed to trudge along. We started our trip on Wednesday, arriving at the convention center at Scanticon. There we participated in a crop or the day. Next was our hotel, The Clarion.

We brought only necessary items into our room, then went to get our dinner. During the afternoon we had spent scrapping at the convention, many vendors either finished setting up early, or wanted to some special sales. I couldn't resist some buys, and neither could Sandy. We chatted during the afternoon, scrapped, and made some early purchases,so we were tired. The idea of getting up at 7:00 was difficult, so we went to bed around 11:00 so we would be ready to get started.

Thursday morning started the marathon of classes and running around the vendors. Thursday I took 2 album in the morning and one in the afternoon. Sandy took the album in the morning, then a different class in the afernoon. In the evening we went to a sketches crop, where many of the various vendors provided us with page kits to create layouts.

Friday included more classes and a trip to the vendor faire, where just about any imaginable scrapbook item was available for purchase. We bought some things, probably more than we should have, and enjoyed ourselves. Friday evenng was fun crop and we scrapped until 11.

Saturday was a repeat of Friday, with different classes. That evening was another fun crop. We sat at a table with Allisono and Marcy Scollay. During the evening, there was a contest for creating a tag. All participants were given a 3x5 card, with instructions to make a tag no larger than this card. Several people participated and there were many great tags created. I was fortunate enough to win 3rd place out of all the participants. I won a magazine; a Becky Higgin book, with different ideas for borders, tags, elements, layouts and such; and I won an Ali Edwars book "Step"

We left at 11:15, tired but happy. We went to sleep and slept until 9:30 Saturday morning. Got up, ate breakfast, and started on our way home. The car was filled with all kinds of goodies. I hope to post pictures maybe tomorrow.

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