Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scrapbook Saturday

Saturday was scrapbook day!  There were several individuals who stopped by and spent some time scrapping with us.   Sandy G., Christina S., Kim O., Anna A., Kathy M.,Marcy S., Bev S., Linda B., and Tanya G. all showed up with bags, papers, glue and such. We had a lot oflaughter, fun, and got some pages scrapped. My son called and while we talked he mentioned that my granddaughter had the opportunity to attend a trip to Chicago with the Symphonic Orchestra, to which she belongs.  The students need to raise $1400 each for the trip, and if they take a chaperone/parent, it is an additional $1400.  There will be several fundraisers taking place during the year. First up is a car wash, then a recipe book, and there will be a raffle later in the year.  Students can earn money based on what they sell.  Some funds will be individual earning opportunities, some will be for individual earning opportunities.

Those wonderful ladies I scrap with agreed to share some recipes. In fact, one person recommended we start a "Chub Club" for $2 a session. all will get weighed in and pay $2.  At the end of 8 sessions, the person with the highest percentage of lost weight will win half the kitty.  The other half will be put toward the trip for my granddaughter.

I taught a class for a brag book. Everyone seemed to enjoy making it.  I will take a picture and upload it soon.

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