Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow, snow, and more snow!  Winter comes in with a bang!  We were hit with a major blizzard.  Here in Barnegat, we got 21 inches of snow.  That is severe enough, but the winds were a major player in this storm.  It caused drifting everywhere.  The roads would no sooner get cleared and the wind would blow the snow back.  Looking out our back windows, you  could see drifts of snow up to or over the windows, while at the same time look at the "alley" between the houses and see practically no snow at all.  Next door, the drifts went up over the window sills (about 5').  In front, the snow was up to our windows and up to the top of our front porch. 

With all this snow time, I have had lots of time to scrapbook.  My daughter is here from the holidays and my girlfriend is too.  We had a great day yesterday and again today.  Tomorrow will be more of the same!

While reading emails, I came across the following blog candy:

  Go to to enter this contest.  Maybe you will be the big winner.

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Beth Norman said...

Thank you for posting my blog candy. Good luck!