Friday, April 26, 2013

What do you use to color your images, write your messages, journal, create your title?

What do you use to color your images, write your messages, journal, create your title?   This particular questions has many answers...and in several cases it depends if you are a sales rep for a particular brand.  Stampin' Up instructors will exclusively use the pens and inks that Stampin' Up has.  One advantage to this is color matching.  Their pen an ink colors match their paper colors and embellishment colors.  You can find "grass green" markers, "grass green" paper,  "grass green" buttons, "grass green" ribbon, etc.  Close to My Heart is pretty much the same as Stampin' Up, with their own unique color names.  There are various companies that make their own markers...Tombow, Tim Holtz distress pens, Marvy Markers, etc.  These are mostly water based. 

You also have alcohol ink markers...the newest type of markers to hit the market.  Copic Markers, Spectrum Noir, Tim Holtz Alcohol Markers and now Touch alcohol markers.  Alcohol markers are not water soluble, but they can be used to shade colors easily.  Copic Markers were introduced to scrapbooking and card making about 5  years ago, but have been around much longer and used for Manga Art.  I bought a couple and was hooked.  So many colors with such close variation in colors, making it easy to shade my pictures.  They come in a nib or brush tip. 

While surfing the internet and posting various places, I was asked about my knowledge of Touch alcohol markers.  To be honest, I hadn't heard about them and had no knowledge about them.  I was sent 3 of the fine point and 3 brush tips. 

On inspection, these were not all that different from Copic Markers.  They were filled with alcohol inks, they blended like the Copic Markers, with a smooth flow, and the colors were vibrant.  As I looked at them closer, and started to use them, I found some advantages.  I have arthritis and I found that the shape of the Twin Touch markers made it easier for me to hold .  I didn't have to grip the body of the pen with a lot of effort.  The fit was smooth and natural. 

I asked a friend of mine to check out the body of the markers.  She loved them.  The ink flows smoothly from the pen nibs, and again, she really loved the grip on the pens.  They fit her hand nicely and didn't hurt to hold them. 

I love the Touch Twin markers.  They fit your hands nicely and the colors flow from the pens.  Cost wise, these markers are a gem.  They are less expensive than the Copic markers, but do the same thing.  If you want to use something like a Copic...but the cost keeps you away, use the Touch Twin markers.  You will not regret it!

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