Monday, March 23, 2009

Hello again!

I am in the process of putting together some kits. I have just about finished with a paper tearing kit, which looks pretty good. It is a basic and simple kit, for beginners. This will be our kit for March. Next month, for April, I am looking to do something for Easter or Spring. In May I will put a kit together for Summer, using titles and flowers. Look to see what it will be, later. For now, while I have the March kit finished, I need to upload my picture. Look for that with my next post.

Today I stayed home from school. I had to attend an IEP meeting with a friend who has a son in middle school. It was interesting. They actually had the IEP meeting for next year, and all they did was put in the classes for next year. There were no goals and no accommodations ready to discuss. Hello! By law you need to present the entire IEP to the parents. When discussing the IEP, it includes the goals and accommodations. The case manager actually expected us to be in and out within 30 minutes tops. There was a lot of hesistation to place Eli in an inclass support setting. The casemanager discussed how difficult the class would be, how much more work was required in the class, and there would be a lot of heavy usuage of the text. We opted to place Eli in inclass support for Language Arts and Social Studies.

On the way home, my friend talked about possibly placing Eli in a support class for Science also. Since the district was not able to provide goals and accommodations, they will be mailing them home to my firend for a review. After that, there will be another meeting to review things. Only time will tell if we need to fight this one.

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Anonymous said...

In class support in middle schools and high schools in NJ is usually limited to 2 classes.